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Complete solution for Cash Acceptance Network

Since 2013 Kiosk Development is developing iCAN (instant cash acceptance network) system which is a fully automated hardware-software solution for building networks to receive and process cash payments. The aim of the system is ensuring a fully integrated interaction between the client devices and the billing system of the service providers in real time mode.

As a new generation payment system iCAN is based on the latest web and mobile technologies. The rich and long experience of payment systems in Russia and CIS countries has been taken into account (Cyberplat, OSMP, Rapid, eKassir, QuickPay) when designing the system and it is geared towards solving problems of both banked and unbanked consumers in developing countries.

iCAN helps the technologically advanced consumers in developing countries to receive the full range of financial services, regardless of location and time, using mobile and web technologies. However, iCAN does not increase Digital Divide between different social groups, rather it reduces such inequality because it provides an equal opportunity for broad social groups and segments. Often the availability of payment points for mass consumers is greater than the other, as iCAN is primarily focused on its presence in the popular neighborhoods and other places of mass accumulation in developing countries.

One of the important mission of Kiosk Development is that the company popularizes ideas of the smart machines and promotes their full and harmonious adaptation as a pioneer of the introduction of automated tools in the economic relations of society.

Kiosk Development promotes technical literacy of society. The simple, intuitive interface of our devices and solutions help customers to quickly master the touch control over the sophisticated devices and move on. As the supporting staff (the number may reach tens of thousands), acquires very valuable skills that they can apply in other areas, where the computer equipment is widely used.

Creation of new jobs in developing countries is an important mission for Kiosk Development. Our business provides a reliable source of income not only for new owners of payment terminals, but also for those who participate in the payment business, or serve it indirectly (equipment suppliers, transportation companies, telecommunication companies, printing and publishing).

«iCAN» offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions for the market of the electronic payments.
  1. Development and maintenance of client software for self-service payment kiosks, POS and PC terminals, tablets and smartphones;
  2. Development and maintenance of server applications for processing;
  3. Development and maintenance of server applications for monitoring;
  4. Development and maintenance of web applications for portal;
  5. Design and implementation of gateways with the billing service of the service providers;
  6. Design and implementation of gateways with banking systems;
  7. Development of Certificate Authority services;
  8. Development and maintenance of alerting systems (SMS and other types of short messages);
  9. Development of API
  10. System administration, configuration and fine tuning of operating systems;
  11. Designing new cases, the optimal arrangement of internal components of the self-service kiosks;
  12. Marketing, testing and preparation of new components for the purpose of upgrading payment acceptance equipment;
  13. Adaptation of bill acceptors, coin acceptors for acceptance of the new currency;
  14. Development of drivers for Bill validators, coin acceptors, thermal printers, modems, watchdogs, scanners, bank card readers, proteted keyboards;
  15. Integration payment module with the cash registers of the retail chains;
  16. Integrating payment software module with ATM;
We offers our own platform (iCAN - Copyright Number: TXu001953609) for payments acceptance systems, as well as we are ready to develop from scratch or modify an existing platform on request. The company has also its own money transfer, cash desk, online banking, e-Wallet, id card scanning and recognition solution, SIM, banking and other type of cards dispenser, which can be used for the needs of customers. The organization also provides consulting services to the initiative groups, who intend to create a new payment system or upgrade old ones.
  1. Preparing presentation documents;
  2. Development of business plans, financial and the other accompanying documents;
  3. Conducting presentations and business meetings;
  4. Drawing technical tasks;
  5. Customs clearance and transportation of test patterns;

Visit our iCAN (instant Cash Acceptance Network) Website to find out more about our solution.

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