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2010 Corporate News

October, 2010
Delta Telecom (DeltaPay), the third largest payment acceptance network in Russia with 20 000 points of acceptance, has chosen iCAN to convert its Windows based IT platform to the Linux based open source solution. iCAN's work in creating a new up-to-date and error free processing solution will result in Delta Telecom realizing significant savings in licensing fees.

Delta Telecom (http://deltapay.ru) develops the DeltaPay payment system, one of the leading systems on the payment market. The company was started in 1995 as a paging company. Development in Russia gave grounds for further cooperation with the largest mobile operators, and resulted in the creation of the DeltaPay system in 2004.

July, 2010
ICAN LLC initiated the dialogue with Automated Transactions (ITL) GmbH, Europe's largest manufacturer of cash validators. Along with advanced safety features ITL supplies customized solutions easily comparable with iCAN software. This supplier satisfies very individual needs, including ability to accept bills of rare currencies. Their extraordinary quality commitment is likely to lead to productive cooperation within our companies.

Innovative Technology Ltd (http://www.innovative-technology.co.uk) was formed in 1992 and since has become Europe's largest manufacturer of bank note validators, earning a reputation as one of the leading suppliers worldwide.

June, 2010
Aladdin Ltd, an rapidly growing information security company in Russia, and iCAN have begun working together on information protection, secure user authentication, and software/database protection. Aladdin's e-token solution will ensure secure operation and authentication between iCAN's software and third parties such as Agents.

Aladdin (http://www.aladdin-rd.ru) is a promptly growing Russian company that develops and supplies reliable solutions for Information Security. The company was founded in April 1995 and acts as an official distributor of Aladdin Knowledge Systems within Russia, CIS and Baltic States. Using promising Western technologies in the realms of smart cards, PKI and Information Security, Aladdin experts develop and implement the best domestic products.
Aladdin is an expert company specializing in solving the AAA-problem (Authentication, Authorization, secure Administration).

April, 2010
JCM Europe, a world leading manufacturer of cash acceptors based in Dusseldorf (Germany), and iCAN LLC has joined forces to deliver highly customizable and secure solutions. The strategic relationship will allow iCAN's market tested payment software and JCM Europe's manufacturing and security experience to mutually gain significant advantages over their competition in multiple global markets.

JCM (http://www.jcmglobal.com) is world-famous for its innovative and award-winning products that help make automated cash transactions as secure and accurate as possible. February, 2010
iCAN was registered with HP's Developer & Solution Partner Program (DSPP).

HP (http://www.hp.com) is the world's largest IT company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. HP was founded in 1939. Corporate headquarters are in Palo Alto, Calif. HP's 2010 Fortune 500 ranking: No. 10. with revenue totaling $126 billion for fiscal 2010.

January, 2010
iCAN has been approved as an Associate Partner in the Sun[sm] Partner Advantage Program, for Independent Software Vendors.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (http://www.sun.com) was a leading Hardware & Software developer company. Sun is known for community-based and open-source licensing of its major technologies, and for its support of its products with other open source technologies. Sun was founded on February 24, 1982. The company was headquartered in Santa Clara, California

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