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Job2C    version 4.2 Updated!
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"When you put your company on the internet, go with a company that has the experience and skills to support ALL your future needs." W2B.

A FULL featured, COMPLETE automated, HIGH quality Employment/Recruitment system.
Job2C (Job to Customers) is the perfect solution for nationwide professional Employment/Recruitment online service providers such as Monster.com, HotJobs.com, as same as for Recruitment and HR departments of the big companies

$999.95          $700
Front Page Listing Admin Section

   Main Features:
Undoubtly the most versatile, functionable Job Board available at prices fractions the cost of other competitors boards. Written by HR Directors, for HR Directors providing truly useful and quality results and features unlike other boards.
  • Portable: no operating system Code dependancy
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Completely and easily customizable feature functions via Admin Page
  • Translatable into any language
  • Fully customizable HTML
  • Password Reminder
  • Flexible & Affordable
  • Custom installation available
  • Charge for banner ad placement
  • Credit card or P.O. billing Ready
  • Multi Job Categories support
   Employer Features:
The most Effective board available written by HR People, For HR People. Extremely advanced Search capabilities, Resume templates to provide you with time saving results and much more. Nearly doubles the features of the boards you're used to at fractions of the price!
Reach active and passive candidates, screen, manage and hire applicants the way you want.
  • Post jobs, your company profile, and PR information
  • Job Posting HTML Support
  • Clone job posting
  • Create specific applicant questions to ever further define job seeker capabilities or experience
  • Internally forward resumes to colleagues
  • Establish criteria for job seekers to apply to a specific job
  • Choose how to receive applicant resumes (Word, Link, Text, XML)
  • Advanced job and resume browsing capabilities (City, State, Zip Code, Salary, Experience and much more…)
  • Activate / Deactivate jobs with one click
  • Track billing history from one account location
  • Add, edit, resume alerts anytime
  • Add, edit, delete response templates to match your needs
  • Save valuable time and increase search effectiveness by blocking specific applicants
  • Multiple resume style searches: Light (Custom resume Template w/only pertinent information) or Full resumes views
  • Search specific areas of resumes using keywords to even further target searches
  • Send customized invitations to potential Job Seekers
  • Upload multiple jobs through your personal Control Panel
  • Multi-function Resume Manager Inbox to manage all applicants
  • Set your company apart with one-click image/logo/photo uploading
  • Be alerted with Job Alert email notification when resumes that match your specific criteria are registered
  • Print a job or resume with one click
  • Add, edit or delete jobs easily, anytime
  • Add, delete or renew expired advertisements easily, anytime
  • Generate revenue with full eCommerce support for credit card processing and PO number ordering
  • Write and edit your own Terms of Support and policy notices on the fly
  • Analyze activity of campaign results with detailed, easy to read activity, order history, and performance reports
  • Post client comments to promote business success in the Testimonials section
   Employee Features:
Enjoy the benefits of being in full control of how your information is presented.
  • Quickly Post Resume upload resume
  • Create a customized one of a kind profile with Resume Builder
  • Change your user ID or password anytime
  • Store Multiple Resumes
  • Set yourself apart with the Professional Skills Profile Builder
  • Edit, Delete or add multiple resumes anytime easily via the user friendly interface…
  • Take advantage of Resume HTML Support
  • Attach an image/photo to your resume
  • View Other Jobs postings which match search criteria
  • Search jobs with a certain period of time, experience level, location, employment type, keyword or any combination
  • Eliminate off-target applicants with job specific screening questions
  • Easily and quickly locate specific jobs two standard job search functions
  • Select privacy level with Private/Public/Confidential Resumes and identity control
  • Apply to jobs on-line with a choice of resumes
  • Forward Jobs to friends
  • Manage, sort, delete, forward, apply, and more easily and quickly from Job Manager Inbox
  • Store jobs to JobInbox for later review
  • Be the first to hear about new jobs with personalized Job Alert Agents
  • Search specific Employers with multiple sort functions
  • Instantly review all remaining account balances, job alerts, and job statuses
  • Easy and advanced secure log on and password control
   Admin Features:
Retain full control over employees and employers activities and function access with the non-technical control section.
  • Control over job seekers and employers with a non-technical interface
  • Quickly and easily select accounts as being paid or unpaid
  • Retain control over all aspects of the site's parameters with a non-technical, intuitive control section
  • Maintain full control over employer data from one location
  • Establish New Member Account Default Access
  • Establish Job Posting Restrictions
  • Resume Search Restrictions
  • Establish Resume Contact Info Restrictions
  • Establish Category Resume Search Restrictions
  • Establish Resume Search Restrictions
  • Track applicants from one intuitively designed location
  • Establish company profile restrictions
  • Read administrative reports in real time
  • Analyze easy to read eCommerce and administrative reports and summary
  • Benefit from Job Search Scripting
  • Benefit from Event Search Scripting
  • Benefit from Resume Search Scripting
  • Immediately see what type of job seekers and employers are registered with comprehensive statistic tracking summary reports
  • Specify banner parameter with comprehensive management system
  • Interact with job seekers and registered companies with advanced bulk email functions
  • Receive immediate notification of new accounts registration
  • Auto-set job expiration notification messaging
  • Create unlimited advanced email templates
  • Member email validation
  • Automated job application responses
  • Establish control parameters and restrict access
  • Control internal access to sensitive data with password protection for heightened security
  • Create customized Help, FAQ, and Terms of Use content
  • Add, Edit, Delete capabilities for all menus with non-technical interface
  • Create, Add, Edit, Delete
  • Track where traffic is coming from with How did you hear of us? function.
  • List and print registered job seekers or employers
  • Globally promote your company with multilingual capabilities
  • Expand the already wide range of functions any way you need to
  • PHP 3.x or greater
  • A web server supported by PHP (Apache is most widely used)
  • A database with adequate support compiled into PHP. The currently supported database backends are:
    Mini SQL,
    Microsoft SQL Server,
    Oracle 7/8/8i,
    ODBC (Open Database Connectivity),
1) Obtain Job2c.zip
2) Unzip it into the directory you want (The document root 'htdocs' or 'www' is the best)
3) Make sure your directory structure as follows:
     Job2C/jobseekers (chmod to 777)
     Job2C/photoes (chmod to 777)
4. Set permissions
Attention! Befor running Install script you need to set permissions to make 'conf' directory and it's content files writable!
This involves using the CHMOD command. If you do not understand CHMOD, there are some resources and information listed at http://www.eclecticpixels.com/tutorials/chmod/. CHMOD as follows:
  • chmod 777 conf (this is a directory)
  • chmod 777 all files in the conf directory
    After the installation and final configuration you may chmod "conf" directory to 606 for security purposes.

  • 5. Define your database settings. Check existance of the target database. The Install script may create new database for your application, if you choose wizard way of installation

    Automatic Installation
    Run install.php in your web browser and follow the instructions.

    Manual Installation
    Below instruction only for MySQL database backend.
    For other databases backends see their manuals ==============================================================

    - Create a MySQL database (If you have a MySQL database installed and enough experinece in SQL you may pass this step).

    The database needs a database-name, a username, and a password.
    The database-name can be any name beginning with a letter, the username
    should be your UNIX login name. The password must differ from all
    other passwords in your system for security reasons.

    If you have a root access to the MySQL server then you can create the
    database following these instructions:

       4.1. On UNIX prompt write:
          mysqladmin -uroot -p create YourDataBaseName
          (enter MySQL root password)
       4.2. On UNIX prompt write:
          mysql -uroot -p
          (enter MySQL root password)
       4.3. On MySQL prompt write:
          grant select, insert, update, create, alter, delete, drop
          on DATABASENAME.*
          to USERNAME@localhost
          identified by 'PASSWORD' ;
    If you don't have a root access then you have to ask the webmaster to
    create a database for you. Just specify the database-name, username,
    and password. Remember that the database password must be different from
    your normal password.

    - Create database tables
    There are two ways:
      - From the command line for your operating system, type
    	% mysql YourDataBaseName < Job2C.sql
    This will send the statements into the mysql client and create the tables for you. To verify that this was done correctly, go into the mysql client and type.
    	%mysql YourDataBaseName

    You should see
    	Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
    	Your MySQL connection id is 2 to server version: 3.22.32
    	Type 'help' for help.

    now type
    mysql> show tables;

    and you should see the next tables listed
    	| Tables_in_YourDataBaseName |

       - use phpMyAdmin or similar DataBase Web Administration tools to run the SQL requests from Job2C.sql file

    - Make changes to the conf/conf.inc file. This file is well documented, so you should be able to pick out what you need to change fairly easily.

    	########### MySQL DataBase Setting ####################
    	$dbname = "yourDBName"; //DataBase Name
    	$hostname = "mysql.yourdomain.comm:64366"; //Host Name:PORT
    	$username = "yourDBUserName"; //DataBase Access UserName
    	$password = "yourDBPassword"; //DataBase Access Password
    	########### WebDocs real path #################
    	$epath="/usr/local/apache/htdocs/Job2C"; //real path
    	$eurl="http://localhost/Job2C"; //Your Site URL
    	$sp="/"; //Windows System '\\'
    	$adminLogin="admin"; //login for admin section
    	$adminPass="12345"; //login for admin section
    	$adminEmail="admin@myhost.com"; //admin email
    	############## Color configuration for the default HTML table layout 
    	$design["tab_color"]="#d4d5c2"; //HTML Table background color tag setting 
    	$design["tr_color"]="#E4E5D2"; //HTML Table <tr> tag background color setting 
    	$design["td_color"]="white"; //HTML Table <td> tag background color setting 
    	############## Upload Settings ##################################### 
    	$upload["size"]="50000"; //file size limit for upload 
    	$upload["width"]="125"; //file width limit for upload
    	$upload["height"]="125"; //file height limit for upload
    	// Mime types for photo and logo files
    	// Mime types for documents
    	############## End ##################################################
    	include("../languages/lang_eng.inc"); choose Interface Language
    You may create your own language interface simply translating the message variables in the lang_eng.inc.

    6) Customize Settings via Admin page if you need more custom structure for your data.
    • Job Categories
    • Education
    • Schedule
    • Experience
    • Language
    • Employment
    • Limit
    • Marks
    • Salary Period
    • Countries
    • States
    • Institutes
    • Location List
    • Posting Duration
    • File Types
    • File Extentions
    • Mimes
    • Difficult Levels
    • Question Types
    • Response Types
    • Publish Mode
    • Ad status
    • Search status
    • Order
    • Order Type
    • Relocate
    REMEMBER! The basic changes are possible only during first installation. Then you are not allowed to change array keys and values meaning. You may only edit entries in the context of their basic meaning. For example it incorrect to change "Student (High School)" entry from $education array to "Retired" or reorder array keys. It may damage User's posted data.

    7) Customize e-Commerce Settings from the Admin section.

    8) To customize page layout you may edit next two files in 'templates' folder:
    • templates/header.inc
    • templates/footer.inc
    As same as you may customize the content of standard web pages located in in 'templates' folder
    • TERMS OF USE - terms.htm
    • FAQ - faq.htm
    • HELP - help.htm
    • PRIVACY - privacy.htm
    • TESTIMONIALS - contact.htm
    You may use editing tools of the admin section for this task
    9) Once all this has been done, you should protect the conf/conf.inc file (that contains
    your login/password for db access). Look at your server documentation to find out
    how to do this.
    For the Apache server, you'll need to create an ".htaccess" file (without quotes) in
    the conf subdir that contains:
          <files conf.inc>
              Order Deny,Allow
              Deny From All
    It is a best idea to move conf directory from the web space.


      you have got opportunity to try application before you have decided to use and purchase it !

      "Free Edition" includes all the Main Features

       If you need admin and advanced features (see advanced features list) you have to purchase on-line Full/Advanced Edition

       Download "Free Edition" Size: 238.1 KB

       Prices, Order On-Line:

    Job2C 4.2 (Advanced Version) $999.95

    Select your payment method and options below then click "Continue to Order Form".
    Sale Attention! We now offer 30%! discount
    Western Union $700
    Bank wire/transfer $999.95
    Job2C License Information
    ALL SALES ARE FINAL. When you download or are shipped the software, it is considered to be "Opened". Opened software cannot be returned for refund, regardless of the delivery method. With our software products, you have the chance to "try before you buy" through our demo and admin demo located on this web site.

       Free 1 year Email Support for "Advanced Edition"
       Contact us:
    e-mail: development@w2b.ru
    support: support@w2b.ru

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