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phpEssayEditing    version 1.2
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A full featured, completely automated, high quality Essay, Resume editing and DocumentFlow solution. Although it was originally designed for Essays and Resumes it work great with vitually any type of documents that you need to maintain control of. phpEssayEditing is the perfect DocumentFlow solution for educational, government, public organizations or anyone wanting to provide document editing services (revision and critique). phpEssayEditing Allows you to offer this service in a chargable or free-of-charge format.

$599.95          $420
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   Main Features:
  • Portable: no operating system dependent code;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Translatable into any language(100% Language independence);
  • Fully customizable HTML;
  • Easy navigation/interface;
  • Email notification;
  • Smart and Flexible Registration;
  • Email address confirmation;
  • Edit and Delete Ads;
  • Extendibility of the code;
  • Full-featured administration;
  • Advanced Security;
Essay/Document Processing
  • Unique Invoice number for each Order per user session;
  • Unlimited Essays/Documents for Uploading;
  • Essay/Document word count button;
  • Exception of an opportunity to continue without fullfillment of the obligatory fields
  • Prevention of the Repeated Records during "back" operation (when user clicks "back" button of his browser)
  • Automate filling of the payment billing fields form the user Profile;
  • Smart technology to assign a editor for new coming order;
  • Email notifciaton about new coming order to editor and admin
For Users
Full List Coming Soon!
For Editors
Full List Coming Soon!
For Admin
  • Capability to manage all orders.
  • Capability to manage client Profiles.
  • Capability to manage Editor Profiles.
  • Capability to remove an order from an editor and reassign it to a different editor.
  • Capability to see master calendar and see how many essays can receive each day.
  • Capability for finished essays to sit in a queue before it is released back to client via email.
  • Capability to prevent editors from receiving essays or accessing information
  • Capability to enter payment information for each editor.
  • PHP 3.x or greater
  • A web server supported by PHP (Apache is most widely used)
  • A database with adequate support compiled into PHP. The currently supported database backends are:
    Mini SQL,
    Microsoft SQL Server,
    Oracle 7/8/8i,
    ODBC (Open Database Connectivity),

Free-of-charge installation,customization and tunning by W2B!
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phpEssayEditing 1.2 $599.95

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Western Union $420
Bank wire/transfer $599.95
phpEssayEditing License Information
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. When you download or are shipped the software, it is considered to be "Opened". Opened software cannot be returned for refund, regardless of the delivery method. With our software products, you have the chance to "try before you buy" through our demo and admin demo located on this web site.

   Free 90-Day Email Support for "Advanced Edition"
   Contact us:
e-mail: development@w2b.ru
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